Thursday, May 2, 2013

Starmade, make and design your own spaceships.

Generally speaking Minecraft-like games have always been quite the time sink. With all it's different gameplay styles like trench warfare Ace of Spares (before Jagex), to 2D ones like Terraria. Starmade is where you simply make ships, at this point in time thats all there is to it, there are pirates every now and then, and you can mine. All in all it's at this point in time, it's a make spaceship game.

My ship

Generator room

Entrance to the ship
It's heaps of fun trying to build a great ship, balancing power between shields, engines and weapons. You can grab this game over at

It's an alpha, pretty rough around the edges but I can foresee great things coming out from these guys. Currently free but perhaps it'll be paid for somewhere down the line.


  1. Bet it will become big too as they put more work into it.

  2. So it's like blocky Starforge?